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Net.Curmudgeon's Journal

A Connecticut Yankee in K'ung fu-tze's Court

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29 August 1969
Network architect, IT geek, and reluctant manager; I run a chunk of the IT department for Hartford, Connecticut. I've been making a living in IT since the late '80s -- networks are both my vocation and avocation. The focus of my journal is this world that mostly goes unnoticed.

Hartford is one of the poorest cities in the nation and it has a remarkably toxic political climate. I had originally intended to keep Hartford a nameless "the City", but that's proven to be an pain in writing. So, the city is now named. If I have anything particularly career limiting to say, it'll get locked.

Away from work I'm an acitive role-player, archer and photographer. Having obtained a level of journeyman curmudgeonhood, it's my long term goal to age ungracefully into a dirty old man. A dirty old man like Asimov would be ideal, but 'Stadler and Waldorf' would be alright.

tcp/ip is love
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Note to LJ Administrators: I have posted my contact information and next-of-kin information in a private entry, backdated as the first entry of this journal. (It's a good idea, everyone should do it)

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