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A day in the life...

Today was another run-around day, but a good one all-in-all.

I met the fiber guys at Fox Middle this morning so that they could point and say "there?" and I could also point and say "there!" There was a confusion of the theres earlier that led to them terminating the fiber-optic cable from Classical Magnet school in the wrong network room. I did not point out that, they're the ones who took the advice of the custodian instead of waiting for my engineer to meet them on site before terminating the fiber, thereby making this entire mix-up their problem. So there.

After pointing and grunting with the fiber guys at Fox, I beat feet back to the office for my late morning meeting. After that came schedule arranging, various office work, and calling in a trouble ticket to AT&T on the T1 circuit at the Police north substation -- which has not worked right since we turned it up. I asked the intake person to make a note in the ticket that there had been previous troubles on this line, and that the customer has swapped out everything, so pretty please, actually fix it this time and don't say "can't loop the customer's CSU - must be a customer equipment problem." You probably can't command our T1 'channel service unit' into loopback because your damned smart-jack is busted. Tomorrow will tell.

And, at nearly the end of my day FedEx showed up with the replacement batteries for the computer room UPS at Quirk. Barring continued monsoon rains, Kevin and I will truck them over to Quirk first thing tomorrow morning and install them. Hopefully we can then convince the unit to switch out of bypass into normal mode (without dropping power!). And after that, four meetings spaced just so to make sure that I can accomplish nothing else all day long.

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