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Good news, bad news in firewall land

The good news is that we finally have the license codes to extend our software licences on our firewalls after much dicking around between the reseller and the Fortinet. The codes are registered and the firewalls now say that their licences have another year to live.

The bad news is that the new feature we have just licensed -- anti-spam filtering -- will probably require some re-engineering of how we handle incoming email in order to actually have it work. The devil, as always, is in the details of implementation. :-)

I'll say this in Fortinet's defense -- their box does a heck of a lot of useful stuff, and it's quick on its feet. But the licensing has been a pain in the ass, and getting it to do the little things we need it to do (like generating truly useful firewall logs) has cost a lot more money then we were originally told.

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