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Ah, the Microsoft minute

...I finally gave up and used XCOPY, and all was well with the world.

As planned, I nuked the household server yesterday, after making two copies of everything (and a third copy of the user file tree – one does not lose one's wife's comps and live). The Win2k install went fine, though I had to reach into its guts and temporarily disable the IDE hard drive in order to convince the Windows installer that it really, really, could just install the OS on the SCSI drive. By the time bedtime rolled around it had its covers back on, all drivers loaded, service-pack 4 installed, and the 3 x 120GB IDE/SATA array was formatting.

The real fun came this morning when I started copying files onto the server from one of the external USB 2.0 drives. Copying using the GUI, it kept grinding to a halt after copying ~4GB of files. It did this a couple of times. So, I went for the command line and let XCOPY (a Real Geek's tool) do the heavy lifting. Two of the best things about XCOPY are: it makes no attempt to figure out how long something is going to take, so you are never tormented by wildly varying estimates of time to complete; and it copies everything in strict alphabetical order (unlike Windows Explorer), so you know that when you're in the Z's, you're darn close to done.

I just got ashacat's files moved back over. That wraps up the file migration. The next task will be loading antivirus and some random tools. That will be tomorrow evening's entertainment, along with the laundry. :-)
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