netcurmudgeon (netcurmudgeon) wrote,

Cable Follies DONE! and other self-inflicted change

Wednesday morning Al from COX turned up to install the cable modem. He hit a snag with the cable from the street[1] and had to call in a bucket truck, but when I got home in the afternoon the modem was in and blinking away. And, damn, is it fast.

I got mail service running through the new connection Wednesday evening. Internet access for the rest of the house had to wait until yesterday afternoon. But, as of now, I'm no longer mooching Internet service off of my employer. It was always the expedient thing, but things change and I'm much more comfortable knowing that what I am doing in fact with this leased-line to the office is what I'm supposed to be doing with it. To wit: using it to support systems at work and not siphoning off 'net bandwidth.

I need to dig up the book on my home firewall to see how to configure a couple other things, and then I can start migrating web services off of the slower DSL line at my sister's place onto this much faster service.

Today's fun, interleaved with planned banking and yard work, is NUKING Ubuntu off of the household file server. When I am finished, the circle will be complete. We will be back on Windows 2000 Server after taking excursions through Windows 2003 Server (which broke USB) and Ubuntu (meh). And no, taichigeek this is not a Slashdot-worthy event.

[1] Some time ago the power company came through and replaced all the poles with new super-tall ones to support new high voltage primaries. When they replaced the pole by our house, they planted the new one about twenty feet west of the old one. So, all of the phone, cable, and power connections that used to come off of the old pole are now "mid-span" between two poles. Al couldn't just put his ladder up and reach the cable terminal, hence the bucket truck.
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