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A mixed bag overall...

In the office today speculation about the Boss' successor continued unabated, as did hushed planning for his retirement party. We're gearing up to start installing switches at the PD for their new IP phones, and Pat got out to the North Police substation with a new T1 card to replace the suspect one that's been giving us grief. (Of course, in the week that the new card has been on order, the line has been rock-solid. We'll send the old card back to Nortel on warranty anyway.) And, after much dicking around, I finally got the equipment PO reqs for Hartford Public Library over to the Director of Capital Projects for processing. You know it's bad when you have to put yourself on the project status report as a project inhibitor.

Mid-day Cox Cable called looking to setup an appointment tomorrow morning to install the new cable modem at the house. I'll be doing the telecommuting thing tomorrow – pushing paper and looking out for the cable guy.

This evening (after politicking) I spent some time looking after the power situation here at the House of Hum. I used to have a pair of APC SmartUPS 700s running the servers in the basement. A couple of months back, one of them croaked (not just a bad battery, it just plain died), so we've been limping along with everything hung off of one UPS. Then the UPS on ashacat's PC came up with a bad battery. I decided to do some rearranging. I ordered a new SmartUPS 1000 for the servers – it arrived today and they're now happily on the new UPS, which is showing 40% load. The surviving 700 is going to Asha. And some day (read: after a month of Sundays) I'll get her old UPS refreshed with a new battery. Surely a job will present itself for that one.

Next up ... hmmm, perhaps some old TNG on VHS!

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