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DSL Follies Part I

For various reasons I have decided that I need to have a broadband 'net connection here at the house that is not beholden to my employer.

I had heard somewhere that Cox Cable offered a 'business cable modem' option, so I went looking for that. After twenty minutes rummaging around on their web site I came up empty handed. But, they do offer a 'broadband Internet only' package for $24.99 a month.

I really want to be able to host my own stuff here, so I took a look at AT&T (nee SBC, nee SNET (poor historic SNETCo, swallowed up by SBC like nothing than an appetizer or an hours d'oeuvre)). AT&T has gotten around to realizing that they do offer DSL in my neck of the woods (it's a case of there's a DSL-capable SLIC a mile from my house, but my particular phone line is home all the way back to the CO some three miles away, so putting DSL on the line will require them to do a provisioning change). They had a "pro" package with 5 static IPs and decent speed for something like $49.95 a month. I hit "order" and started walking through the order system. First, you must buy one of their routers (the cheaper being $79). Ok, I'll swallow it. I know that no one actually sells plain old DSL modems any more. Then the ordering application says that there is "no self-install option for this package" and tells me that a tech needs to come out and install this service for 250 bucks! Um, no. In fact, not only no, but HELL NO!

So I went where I should have started in the first place: NetPlex. I've been a NetPlex customer for various ISP services since 1996. They're a good bunch. They have a decent DSL package for $49.95 $24.95 a month (repackaged AT&T DSL), and a free self-install option. Granted, I have to pay more $10/mo for the a second static IP, but it will take over two years to equal it's still less than AT&T's package and without AT&T's $250 installation charge. I submitted the order and within twenty minutes their sales guy called me to confirm the order and get things squared away with the static IPs. The DSL hardware will be here in a day or two, and he (optimistically) thinks that the service will be turned up by the end of the week. I say optimistically because of that little provisioning change, but hopefully AT&T can get that squared away without a great saga.

5/3 Note: edits in bold next to the strikeouts
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