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Wingnut rides again!

The replacement batteries for Wingnut1 arrived over the past couple days. Last night I opened him up and swapped out all three batteries – the two CMOS batteries and the main battery. Everything went fine, and he powered right up. The real test came this afternoon when I unplugged him for an hour and then spun him up on battery – all is good. Wingnut held his CMOS settings, and the clock is even right. Now we'll see how long he'll run for with this spiffy new 4 Amp-Hour battery.

1 Wingnut is my long-enduring IBM ThinkPad 360c – a 80486 laptop with a whopping 20MB or RAM, a 1.4GB hard drive and Windows 95. This is the machine that made me a believer in the stick. It still has the best keyboard of any laptop I've ever used.
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