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Today it is my turn to spam LiveJournal

I was just commenting on one of arcaedia's posts (the need to read) and I realized that I've probably read more books since January than I have in the past couple of years combined. ...And several of them non-fiction at that. Hmmm.

Marquis and Reprisal Elizabeth Moon – number two in her Vatta's War series; a lot of fun, but a little heavy on the coincidences.
Engaging the Enemy Elizabeth Moon – third of what feels like four in the series; again a lot of fun, and the best so far, IMHO.
The Lies of Locke Lamora Scott Lynch – um, the introduction was great, but my interest just died in chapter one. Another book arrived and Locke was fast forgotten.

Warriors Max Hastings – portraits of warriors from history, some you'd expect and many you've never heard of - definitely recommended.
The City Beneath Us NY Transit Museum with Vivian Heller – if you are a fan of B&W photos and peeking into the hidden stuff underground, this is a neat read. The historical narrative is decidedly popcorn history, but it is well done and informative.
Underneath New York Harry Granick – wow. A book from the age when SCIENCE would fix everything. And a great homage to the heights of 1947 technology.
Femalia Joani Blank ed. – one does not really read this book per se; frank but not clinical, kind of erotic, and often loving photos of women's pink parts. Jessie Helms' head would explode if he saw this book.
Death Sentences Don Watson – this book got a glowing review on NPR, but fails to live up to the press. Watson could have made his argument about the present disease in the Eglish language in the space of a magazine article. My bookmark is still stuck at page 56 of 167. Read the first chapter the next time you're at the library; that much is worth the effort.

Gaming Related
Star Trek Chronology - The History of the Future Michael & Denise Okuda
Star Trek Next Generation Technical Manual Rick Sternbach & Michael Okuda
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