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Firewall Wonking

Eventually last night I decided to go ahead and rework my log rotating scripts to even further reduce the size of the daily cumulative log file (the old way preserved about 19% of the entries, but each entry had a lot of unneeded information in it). The bare-bones daily extract generated in the wee hours of this morning from yesterday's hourly log files appears to be about a quarter the size of a comparable daily log file from a couple of days ago. The bonus here is that the new method leaves me with clean files ready to be imported into my MySQL database for pattern analysis.

I did some other tweaking this evening (moving the daily archive files onto another disk) as the day's logs as of 20:00 were over 14GB on an 18GB disk! Even now (20:30) we're still generating 10MB a minute of firewall logs. (The peak rate was between 10:00 and noon when we were recording 18MB/min of log.) I may well need to move to a bigger disk.

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