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Show me this 'fun' you speak of

I swear, school construction is going to make me want to jump off a bridge. I spent yesterday and today slugging though a pile of school construction related work. What gets me the most steamed up is having to repeat myself. E.g.:
Also on 2/13 Mr. "A", Mr. "M" and I discussed the physical layout of the 4th floor IDF room. At that time I indicated that the space was inadequate and did not meet our standards. Sheets T1.4 and T2.2 still depict a 4th floor IDF room that is grossly inadequate.
On the up-side, enough of this is done that I might be able to get out into the field tomorrow with my troops. They're installing new network equipment at the Police substations and the vice & narcotics division office. If I don't get out there soon, they'll have it all done! And where's the fun in that?

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