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Weekend work

I spent Saturday morning at work with Pat, one of my guys, and (later) a manufacturer's engineer prying apart our two firewall boxes. They had been configured as a redundant cluster (working as a team, with both units active all the time) with two virtual firewalls defined -- one carrying traffic out to the Connecticut Education Network (CEN) and the other to our AT&T commercial Internet feed. The problem was that, with the addition of the AT&T traffic, the pair was getting resource-starved, and performance for both CEN and AT&T users was going to hell. So, we split them up.

Now, one box is handling just CEN traffic, and the other just AT&T. The separation went pretty well. It's a sign that Pat and I are starting to develop a solid proficiency with the boxes. They seemed to do fine with the light weekend traffic. The real test will come tomorrow morning when everyone is in and banging away. Time will tell.

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