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Spring cleaning for geeks

The office here at the House of Hum has been getting more and more cluttered. The clutter attack started sometime during the summer when the office got too hot to inhabit. I've been pecking away at the edges, and took a large swing at it today.

ashacat and I made a trip to the local Staples for supplies before lunch. Included in that list were a half-dozen 'lock-together' crates and a bunch of little plastic bins. The result is a two crates wide by three crates tall set of storage shelves in the basement. I have moved all of the pieces parts – hard drives; floppy drives; PCI, AGP, and ISA cards of every description; cables; memory; and all that PC stuff out of the office and into the basement. There was a moderate culling of the herd – some excess 3.5" floppy drives and 200W ATX power supplies went into the metal recycling bucket.
click me!

There is substantially more floor visible in the office, and a box that had been hiding under my desk since we moved in '97 is gone! I still need to file away all of my "organization" stuff, find a place to stow two big tubs of Legos, and tackle that jumbo tote bag full of more tech bits.

Alas, the thing I really need to do is go through the three Pentium/PII PCs I have down in the basement, salvage the useful guts, and get rid of them; I have two idle Pentium III boxes, so there's no shortage of machines to use for experiments and such. This won't be an easy task, as two of the three chassis have high sentimental value, and I have a really hard time throwing things out that are still working.

Here's a thought. Free to a good home (you pay any shipping):
  • Two Pentium PCs (P166/MMXs) - perfect for Linux experimentation or small web/email/DNS servers
  • Pentium II PC (PII 333MHz, IIRC) - large "server" case, beefy power supply with lots of room to pack in drives and boards, also perfect for Linux hacking or even a Win2K server.
  • Two PCI video capture cards. They came out of a dead IP TV server. I keep meaning to do something with them, but never have.
  • SCSI-2 external disk cabinet w/4 1/2-heigt 5.25" bays, loaded with four working Fast SCSI-2 Seagate 7200 RPM 4GB drives. Would make a 12GB RAID5 array; not all that roomy, but still darn fast with those four 7200 RPM spindles.

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