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A break in the action

Friday was, dare I say it, sane. Nothing broke. Pat and I spent the morning at Hartford Public Library bringing some law and order to their wiring closets. I don't think Neo particularly appreciated the talking-to that I gave him on the subject of how not to run patch cables in my network. But, given his recent gaffe and his boss' pressure to keep his shop clean, he didn't have much choice but to stand there, listening and nodding.

Yesterday was a work-free day. ...In the sense that I was working on things all day, but they had nothing to do with my paying job. Plot and details for my annual Halloween horror game are much advanced. I have some work yet to do on the villain NPCs, and I need to find a good floor plan for the house...

Today has been geek, geek, geek... We have a half-finished insulation project in the basement. That's also where the two household servers live. When I did part 1 of the insulation work a couple of years ago all of the fiberglass dust cost me a tape drive. So, in preparation for resuming work I lugged wixer and bingo2 up to the spare room, along with all of their supporting gear (two UPSs, monitor, keyboard, mouse, KVM). The main switch and the router will have to fend for themselves. I figure I can just give them a good vacuuming with I'm done. (Notice that part 1 of this project was done "a couple of years ago"? Yeah, it's a safe bet that I don't like working with insulation.)

The balance of the day has been eaten up with configuring MRTG to pull stats off of more of our Aironet wireless bridges/access points, and doing a long overdue housecleaning on the household fileserver (prompted by the weekly backups no longer fitting onto one tape).

Oh! I had one of those *Doh!* moments early Saturday morning. Thursday morning, before things went south at Weaver, I put some time into configuring our various Cisco Aironet access points to send syslog messages to a syslog server I had just setup. Users at one site were complaining about getting dropped, so I wanted to gather some data. Everything looked good, but I wasn't getting any syslog message. I even told one of the PIXes to start logging to the new syslog server ... yep, plenty of messages -- the server is working. So, I figured that I would restrict my attention to the AP next door to me. That way I could make a change, and then do something (stop/start the wireless NIC in my laptop) to cause the AP to generate messages. I found all sorts of settings, but try as I might I could not get that damned AP to generate a single syslog entry. I was getting to the cussing, fussing, pounding-my-fists-on-my-desk level of frustration by the time I finally said "I'll get back to this later".

So, at around 4:15 Saturday morning my eyes popped open and I had one thought. Of course I'm not getting any syslog messages from the AP in the building. That AP is part of Hartford_Open_WiFi it's outside the firewall you idiot! Oh. That would explain it. This morning I took some time to put all of those settings changes into the APs at Pathways Magnet School (inside the network), and viola, syslog messages. Doh.

Tomorrow; meetings and a second interview with Mr. F. for my open networking position. Who knows, by the end of the week, I may have someone one their way to joining my shop.

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