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'Rolling' my way out of a rut

I realized recently that I've been playing the same dozen or so CDs (or their MP3 equivalent) over and over. We have 410 CDs. I should play more of them. I also noticed that those dozen CDs were from one section of the collection (ambient/cosmic/electronica); the rock and "popular" stuff was just gathering dust.

I decided that I needed to shake things up. Rather than just point WinAmp at 36 GB of MP3s and say "have at it!" I grabbed my dice bag. There are twelve "cubbies" or rock/popular CDs, each holding ~16 CDs. A twelve-sider and a twenty, and there you go. In the past three days I've listened to things that I haven't played in years. Things that a random shuffle of MP3s would never dredge up 'cause I haven't ripped my entire collection yet. Dorky as the dice may seem, it's working for me.

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