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Today brought a mixed bag of news in my end of the world. Given that bad news never seems to be in short supply, I thought I'd share this piece of good news (and it even has an IT tie-in). The email below was sent out by the Principal at Bulkeley High School about two of her students' athletic achievement. She sent it to the "Everyone" group. There's been a long running debate within our department about what's appropriate for "Everyone". I seem to be a liberal on this issue (thinking that emails about lost glasses or "does anyone want to claim this package?" are OK, while my colleagues would have the senders tarred and feathered).

From: Taylor, Miriam M.
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 8:42 AM
To: Everyone (BOE, City & Metro)
Subject: Congratulations Jeremiah Lewis & Josh Jarvis

On Thursday, February 9th the two man track team from Bulkeley High School took an incredible tenth place finish at the CIAC Class L State Track Championships. Senior Joshua Jarvis finished fifth in the 1600 meters and second in the 1000 meters. His time in the 1000 meters of 2:34.5 was a personal best. Josh's time in the 800 meters this winter has ranked him 17th nationally among all high school indoor track athletes. Junior Jeremiah Lewis won the shot put event with a throw of 48'10" which was also his personal best. Jeremiah became Bulkeley's first state champion since the year 2000. Both Jeremiah and Josh have qualified for the State Open Championships which will be held this Saturday, February 18th.
Congratulations Jeremiah and Josh.

Miriam Morales-Taylor
300 Wethersfield Ave.
Hartford, CT 06114

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