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Signed, sealed, and delivered


Our Year 9 (a.k.a. 2006-2007) Federal E-Rate application materials are all in the hands of the consultant. There's just a few picky little things to do, but in the main it's all done, with two weeks to spare.

When you add up the phone bill ($1M) and the projects ($3M) we're asking Uncle Sam for $3,560,000 in funds (the remaining $440,000 coming from our pocket). If this all comes together correctly, next summer we'll start doing "technology refreshes" in 1/3 of the schools and libraries. That means taking out the 1999/2000 vintage switches, replacing them with new switches and adding wireless to each building. Again an "if" – if we keep to the three-year cycle I've charted out, by the end of 2009 we will have refreshed everything. In 2010 we'll start over again.

It seems both strange and pleasing to be making plans out to 2010 (and 11, and 12)... It's funny how, once you have the organizing "a-ha!", the rest seems to just fall into place. Of course, that's omitting the false starts and all the hours of distractedly picking at the problem before you get to the a-ha! But it's much more fun to carry on as if these ideas burst forth from your mind fully formed.

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