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Our local rag, the Hartford Courant (oldest continuously published newspaper in the nation, but far from the best), had two big pieces today on, presently the subject of a teapot-based tempest among parents, schools administrators, and the media. I won't describe the flap in detail: we all know what people do on blogs. Some of it is rated G, some goes right up to X. Some people who frequent these sites are trolls, some are worse. has over 35,000,000 users, and there have been a dozen or so problems reported in the news since summer. The fact that these incidents have befallen white girls from families high enough up on the economic ladder for them to have their own PCs and broadband has not escaped the notice of my internal media cynic, but I digress.

In all of this panic-stricken reporting – complete with earnest interviews with serious doom-saying police men – I have not seen any reporter ask what to me is a very basic question. "Why are parents allowing pre-teens and young teens unrestricted access to the Internet?" I mean, to quote from a reader of this journal in one of her recent rants on pithed parents "What. The. Fuck."

So, now I'm getting requests from the schools to add to our content filter's no-no list, because these they have seen the news coverage and are now freaking out. It makes me want to find a bell tower and cry out to all the Boomer parents in the land "they're your fucking children! Take some initiative and parent for once in your lives!" But, alas, instead of sparking a revolution in conscientious parenting it would probably only earn me a hard take-down by the local SWAT team.

And that's where I'm gonna stop. Depending on who you are, anything else would either be preaching to the choir or would fall on deaf ears.

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