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Out with the old.

The electronic recyclers came this morning. Along with a few pallets of PCs, they hauled away our retired ATM switches.[1] We filled a 20' box truck with 5000BHs, 5005BHs, C1400s, and a couple of BLN2s. None of which will mean anything to 99.9% of you. Suffice it to say that these bulky, heavy, sometimes cantankerous, steel monsters have been my networking bread and butter since the first of June 1999.

It was interesting to see them go. This is the first time that I've been somewhere long enough to start replacing my own handiwork (individual servers don't count). First NetWare came and went (displaced by Windows 2000); then HP-UX went in favor of Linux (truly, a good move, all sentiment aside); and now ATM is out in favor of Gig Ethernet. All of the other infrastructure turnovers I've done before were replacing someone else's network with something new. I dunno; there's nothing really profound here, just the emotional part of my brain saying change is bad while the logical part sees a good return on investment from six years of service and a big new network that will be my new bread and butter.

Courtesy of Bill The Intern, there are photos.

As the final act for this project, it was a quiet one. As befits any well-planned project, that's how it should be.

[1] This is the gear in question; the hallway was filled by the time we finished replacing switches.

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