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I need more hours in my days

I spent the morning in meetings -- weekly senior staff meeting, biweekly conference call with our E-Rate consultant. It always amazes me how fast those last five minutes before the 9:00 staff meeting slip away. I despise being late for meetings. That fact that it's the boss' meeting only makes it worse.

I spent the afternoon working through a backlog of asset inventory updates (files generated by my guys during the great Tear The Network Apart And Put It Back Together). We've hit a minor milestone with 3,016 items under management. (There are also 332 items in the 'disposed' archive table; we may even actually get rid of this equipment in the next week or two!)

The roadmap for the week looks something like this (in a kind of 'all roads lead to Rome' fashion)

Badger vendors to get me updated parts and pricing lists >> Get the project costing system updated with new items >> go to Rome

Finish updating the inventory system with files from the field >> Run inventory reports for the sites we're planning on upgrading >> go to Rome

Convince the Library folks to get their submissions in line with ours, so that we don't trample on each others eligibility (meeting Wed afternoon) >> go to Rome

Get counts of data and voice drops and closets for all of the new schools >> Get the head of Buildings and Grounds to draft a memo committing funds to these projects >> go to Rome

Rome! >> Compose our 2006-2007 (FY09) E-Rate applications by Friday

Oh yes, and in amongst all this I have to meet with the principal of one of the magnet schools and staff from the college that's hosting the magnet school (for now, until they build a new building) and lay down the law on how their cockamamie plans are not my (or the department's, or the school district's) problem when they don't work. The story is longer, more complex, more frustrating, and probably more boring than that, but I'll leave you with the capsule version.

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