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Monday missive

There's nothing like trying to take a couple of days off to make the work pile up. Today was wall-to-wall meetings, and tomorrow will be much of the same as I try to cram a week's worth of appointments into two days.

When I got home this afternoon I started work on my FY '06-07 budget (which I have a meeting with the Boss about tomorrow afternoon). It took about 90 minutes to pull together a high-level spreadsheet. Two things about it surprise me. One, how quickly little things can add up to big numbers. And two, how calm I am about a $3,689,440 spending plan.

Of that $3.7 million, $2,081,218 would come from the Federal E-Rate program and $1,578,222 from the department budget. That's about $370K over my current year allocation from the departmental coffers. I've ranked things in order of importance as I see them – it'll be interesting to see what Mike thinks of my priorities tomorrow, and what my rough budget looks like when we're done.

For tonight, another meeting!

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