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Sometimes you just have to know

I was looking around for a way to describe the magnitude of project we just finished in terms that non-IT people can grasp. Starting with "we took out sixty-five ATM switches and put in forty-nine Gigabit switches" or "the project cost $2,068,384.58" is a short route to glazed eyes. By the time you get to "ATM switches" they're thinking "what is a school system doing with bank machines?" So, I thought some more, and came to this: one of the things we bitched the most about over the course of this project is how much these new switches weigh. Weight. People understand pounds.

Here's the not-so-skinny on the project. Based on the asset system and the book weights for the pieces and parts, we installed 13,543 pounds of new equipment. Of that 5,783 pounds was gigabit switches (averaging 115 lbs. apiece) and 6,615 pounds of UPS units (at 135 lbs. each), with another half-ton of other small switches. By my estimates, we took out some 5,000 lbs. of old gear.

Perhaps instead of taking everyone on the team out for a victory lunch I should get them gift certificates for a massage!

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