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Day Two

We are still on schedule, though we did not get to the two sites I put in the "bonus" category when parceling out the day's work to my guys. That leaves us with two schools to upgrade tomorrow, and time to do some setup work at Central Library for Friday morning. We will also be revisiting two sites from Monday -- the connection between them has been "flapping" since it was turned-up late yesterday.

I'm concerned about this link problem, but hopeful that a thorough cleaning of the fiber connections on both ends will put it to bed. Having a flaky link in the central ring of the network is not good.

On the upside, there were no shootings near any of my people. I hope that means that there were no shootings anywhere in the city. But, the local media does such a thorough job of reporting that you never know.

On the downside, the server team is struggling with recovering several message stores on the Exchange server. They (with me there as a tag-along) were adding some additional disks to the server and suffered the mother of all oopses when it came time to initialize the drives. Everything on that RAID controller got wiped -- including the existing 270GB array that had a couple thousand users' mail on it. Eep. When I left this afternoon they had recovered two message stores from tape and were working on a third. Several lessons have been cataloged and taken to heart.

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