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Day one

The first day of the great upgrade fire drill was certainly interesting. The fun started early ... At 7:50 I was in the district central office patching through a new fiber connection (needed for the upgrade at the adjacent school); I had just made the connection when the fire alarm started whooping. That building has a history of false alarms, so it was deja vu all over again traipsing down from the 8th floor to the street.

We got through all of the sites we'd planned for the first day — eight in all. There are another six for tomorrow, and then one last one for Friday morning. All of the upgrades went well, even with the usual niggly little things (mostly balky fiber connections that needed fiddling with to make them line up and behave right).

The one sour note — and a long, loud one — came when one of my teams was at West Middle ES. While they were working in the building there was a shooting on the street. Eight patrol cars, cops everywhere, crime-scene tape, media, the whole nine yards. I can't find any reporting on it yet, so I don't know if Hartford has chalked up another murder, or if this is merely an assault. West Middle is on Asylum Ave, halfway between the big insurance office buildings and St. Francis hospital. It's in the part of town that's supposed to be safe during the day.

What exactly do you say to employees who you ask to go out into this city every day, when every day it seems like there's another shooting or another killing?

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