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Bombs away

Well, Gary Trudeau demonstrated yesterday that he can administer a SlashDotting just as effective as anything that SlashDot has ever inspired. His placement of a URL in Monday's Doonsbury leading to an article on The Union Leader's (Manchester, New Hampshire) web site resulted in their server getting carpet-bombed by traffic by 08:30 EDT Monday morning. It was back up by the time I checked the link in the afternoon but was apparently down for a good chunk of the day. Trudeau and company have subsequently given head-ups to the web sites he will be naming in the strips throughout the rest of the week so that they can prepare for the deluge. Who knew that that many people would be willing to type a sixty-four character URL in by hand?

All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not the one who's responsible for mother henning The Union Leader's web site. Ouch.

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