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A tyrrany of nice ladies

The machinations of modern medicine really cheese me off.

On Monday I paid a visit to my doctor to have him look at something that’s been bothering me. The good news is that it’s probably nothing serious. But there is a (very) slim chance that there’s something nasty afoot, so he wrote out orders for some blood work and an ultrasound.

The intervening days have been what my weekdays usually are. So, it came to today before I could make the time to call the radiology place for an appointment and drag myself over to the blood lab.

It turns out that the radiology place won’t take an appointment without a copy of the doctor’s script faxed to them. "Can I scan it and email it to you?" Nope, says the nice lady on the phone. It must be faxed. (As if faxing assures some kind of genuineness?) Fax it in and call back in twenty minutes.

I scanned the script, cleaned up the image in Photoshop, and told MS Fax to send it on its way. I waited the requisite twenty minutes and called back. Once the (second) nice lady on the phone and I got through deciphering my doctor’s chicken scratch I got set up with a Monday afternoon appointment.

After lunch I marched myself over to the house of the vampires blood lab. When I got there there were no other patients in sight. I thought "Yay! I'll be in and out!" How true that sentiment was became clear very quickly. The nice Hispanic lady behind the counter looked over the doctor’s order and asked me "have you been fasting?" Um, no he said I didn’t have to. She checked her online book of test instructions just to be sure: turns out one of the tests does indeed need to be done after fasting in order to give an accurate result. They open at seven AM tomorrow so I get to roll out of bed and go pay them another visit. Thanks doc.

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