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Everything is in order!

Tomorrow we will be visited by a pair of notauditors from BearingPoint (a KPMG spin-off). The notauditors are here to perform a notaudit. That is to say, BearingPoint picked us at random from all the E-Rate program participants and they will be asking us "informal" questions about one of our current-year E-Rate funding requests, asking "general" questions about our involvement with the program, and then visiting with a teacher. At least we get to pick the teacher and the school.

Nope, not an audit. And these are not auditors. In order to prove this point, they have a track record of showing up in jeans and polo shirts. One of our E-Rate consultants said she was at a BearingPoint site visit where one of the notauditors showed up wearing pedal pushers and flip-flops. Vee haf ways of making you relax befor vee ask zee questions.

This is going to be so much fun.

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