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Internet Hall of Shame nominee number 5,762

You'd think that a high-class outfit like E*Trade would pay attention to things like this.

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This is what E*Trade's site looks like in my browser. My browser isn't anything special (IE 6) and there's nothing wrong with it. The "problem" is that I use a color scheme other than the default Window's color scheme (with its white application background).

The real problem is that the E*Trade developers do use the Windows default color scheme and don't bother to see what the site looks like for other users. The fix is really simple. Either a line in their cascading style sheet document (BODY { background-color: white; color: black }) or sticking bgcolor=white in their pages' <body> tags (the CSS route is preferable -- that's why we use CSS: make a change once in the style sheet file and it's reflected in all of the pages that reference the file).

The root cause is developer laziness and an "all the world is like me" attitude. It's bad enough when developers assume that "everyone runs the latest IE", but to assume that everyone runs Windows with the default color scheme is just ... poor. I wonder how awful the site looks in Mozilla and Opera?

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