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Ok, that's big

A question I get asked from time to time is "how big is your network?". And the truth is that we really don't know for sure. I know that we have 82 sites with a total of 180 network rooms / closets / racks stuck in the corner. We've said that there are around 26,000 drops and some 1,200 switches. But, the last two numbers are just SWAGs.

I did some poking around in the asset database this evening to see if I could refine those guesses. We're still working through inventorying the network, so it's not a complete picture. Of our 180 locations, 66 are yet to be inventoried. So, roughly two thirds of the network's equipment has been counted. The 114 locations that have been inventoried have 1,176 switches (enough switch ports to light up 28,224 drops). That doesn't count the 242 switches warehoused awaiting installation at school construction sites.

Extrapolating for the third of the network we have yet to count, that would give some 1,800 switches in the network overall: 432 Cisco switches providing power and connectivity for IP Phones and 1,368 Nortel switches for general network connectivity.

Yikes. That's a lot of hardware. Something like 3.5 million dollars worth, and that doesn't count the core network infrastructure ($2.5 million), just the switches at the edge. And there's only three of us running the network.

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