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This is what old technology looks like as it's waiting to die...

Most of this is ATM equipment that we have replaced since starting the great network upgrade a month ago. Some of it is former bench equipment that we no longer need now that ATM is going the way of the Dodo. The X through the asset tag means that the equipment has been stricken from the roll. An asset no longer, it's now just junk waiting for the electronics recycler.

Way at the end of the hall is a pallet of dead UPS units and bad batteries. Some of them were let go far too long after their batteries failed. The result is a battery that's swollen up like a hot dog on the grill, and sometimes scorched wiring inside the UPS. Left with a dead battery for too long, the units can practically boil the batteries trying to charge them. A nasty side effect of having no maintenance money for three years.

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