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At 6:30 this evening...

...we had the pleasure of being GPD's first vandalism call of the night.

We were sitting at the kitchen table finishing up dinner when I heard a car in the road and a *pop*. I started to turn around to look and *WHAP* a paintball hit the window inches from my face. All I registered was a small light colored coup or sedan speeding away. An outside inspection turned up the hit on A's car — probably the pop I heard — and a nice fat hole in the kitchen window screen where the second paintball tore through to hit the glass.

click me!click me!

Then came the requisite call to the cops. The pacing around waiting (the office did arrive quite quickly), the statement, and all that stuff. Probably nothing can be done. But, if someone else spots a light colored car shooting orange paintballs and gets a license plate number, then they'll have some additional trouble to answer for.

Sigh. At least it cleans up with Windex and water.

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