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I discovered something really good today. Of course in true IT fashion, it takes an explanation before most people will even understand why this matters, let alone is good.

Here's the short form. Last year I got a grant from the state to put in an underground fiber connection from two elementary schools to Classical Magnet. Nine months after the award the cable hasn't even been started because SBC (the local phone company) is still giving us the runaround on access to the portion of their underground conduits that they must, by law, make available to us. The law, alas, say nothing about how quickly they must cough up access.

Today I was out at the new Breakthrough Magnet building with one of my fiber vendors prospecting for routes to two of the nearby elementary schools. The vendor will be generating a quote for me to use in my submission for this year's round of the state grant program. All of the utilities in that part of the city are aerial — power, phones, cable TV, fire alarm, they're all up on poles. And here's the good news. All of the poles there are owned by Connecticut Light and Power.

CL&P sells electricity. Unlike SBC they don't see anybody's communications cable as a threat to their bottom line. Getting CL&P's approval to string fiber on their poles is much easier, cheaper, and faster then getting approval from SBC. I'm willing to bet that, even with a year's head start, we won't be done with Classical before we start Breakthrough. If I get the grant money I may well be able to get this project done.

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