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I have not had a good day. When I reach to file this day in the great filing cabinet of my memory, it will not land in the folder marked "good". It will, sadly, land in a folder that is already overflowing. Things in Hartford have to change. I had one of those moments of clarity where it was abundantly clear to me that I cannot do this job. It is not possible for one human being to do this job with the staff and the funds I have available to do it with. This moment of clarity repeated itself several times between seven and three thirty.

Sometimes the universe is just out to frustrate you at every turn, even when you're trying to make a joke of things. Driving to lunch today I was doing some bitchin' and ventin' and Ed the Starving Co-op Student dropped that noxious quote from Office Space on me: "Sounds like someone is having a Munday." I told him that I was going to kill him; that if he kept it up it wouldn't be a question of making it through the day, it would be a question of making it to lunch. Mark, my Unindicted Coconspirator, stuck up for his intern and refused to let me just off him, insisting that if anybody was to kill Ed, it would be him. He agreed that I could put in a request to have Ed punished, and I promised that one would be forthcoming. Below is the sorry result of my attempt to make said request, captured in an email to Mark.

I started to enter a help desk ticket to request that you beat Ed to a pulp for his "looks like someone is having a munday" comment, but I realized that I can't put tickets directly into your queue. I thought, "that's not a problem, I'll just assign it to Tom with a note asking him to pass it on to you." Then I realized that Tom's out on vacation. So, I guess that a) you can take this as a formal request to beat the Hell out of Ed. or b) Ed lives to make stupid comments another day. The choice, of course, is yours.


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