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Seeing progress

After a holiday-shortened week, we're 80% done with the first block of upgrades. Block 1 involves placing new equipment at five sites. Four down: one more to do on Tuesday. This one will be the most complicated as this school has two fire houses connected to it. Monday, for my install team, will be taken up with prep for Tuesday's installation and receiving the gear for Block 2.

There will be seven blocks in all, with the largest being the last -- the sixteen sites on the core ring of the network. We'll do those in one mad dash over Christmas break. I budgeted a full two weeks to get block 1 done, and we'll finish three days early. I went over the schedule this morning and pulled the other blocks ahead. This gives us an extra week before Christmas to get everything ready for the big push to the finish.

<obvious>I'm a very visual person.</obvious> I need to be able to see things in order to really wrap my brain around them. So, I hacked up a six foot wide, three foot tall map of the network showing all 44 of the new switches and all of their links (Visio is a wonderful thing. Visio and a plotter is just fun), and taped it up in the bunker. Today I came in with a sheet of labels with bright fuschia stars printed on them. Each switch we've installed got a star. I need to see progress, too.

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