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I was snuffing around on Craig's List this afternoon, and spotted this job:
Reply to:
Date: 2005-09-01, 5:43PM EDT

Internet Specialist Needed

For New Company Start-Up in the Springfield, MA area.

I have relocated to the Springfield area and am re-Opening my entertainment company. This Entertainment company handles media content varying from Rated PG-17 through rated X Projects covering all aspects from full feature films to photos & clips seen on web sites.

Openness & Professionalism towards ALL "Alternative" people, Adult Oriented Projects and Situations is required. This is NOT an adult oriented position, meaning nudity is not desired, let alone required. Do NOT contact us at this time if you are looking to act or model.

Comlete freedom of creativity is only limited only by legalities (of course, since we are legit and respected in the industry) and group votes to determine projects.

I am looking for an exceptional and talented person that shows qualities of self-motivation, ambition, dedication, professionalism, efficiency, and an over all hunger to learn, expand, succeed.

You would initially handle ALL Internet/PC/LAN/Web SIte Design & Back End Connectivity, as well as software & DB compatebility, etc .. All the PC/LAN/Internet aspect of the company .. Start to Finish. This includes Web Site design & Maintenance, Ecommerce & DB Management with Internet availability/connectivity, working with Audio, Video, Photography, Graphical Design, Multi-Media Broadcasting, and any other IT aspect. People will be hired, as needed, in the future based on growth, to handle various aspects as supervised by you. Travel May or May not be required . . .

That's a hell of a gig. The salary tops out at ~$55K, but it sounds way more interesting than the job I saw for a VP of IT at a local bank.

In other news, Network Solutions nearly gave me a freakin' heart attack with this email:

Expired Services: 1
Services Due to Expire: 2
Information current as of 10/03/05

The following domain name(s) has expired. Unless it is
renewed immediately, it will be deleted and placed back on
the market for anyone to register.

Expiration Date: EXPIRED

Notice the date in " Information current as of". It's 10/03. I renewed SYRINX.ORG on the 3rd for nine years. I've only had this domain since '96 so, you know, it's kind of important.

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