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The great wave of stuff has finally crested and poured forth onto our shore. The main store room down the hall from my office hit its high water mark yesterday with the arrival of four pallets of boxes containing several thousand patch cables. In five minutes we went from comfortably loaded to full to bursting. And that was after we had deployed the majority of the gear for Burr Elementary and Classical Magnet.

I spent the balance of the morning at Burr with Kevin (one of our contracted engineers) finishing the installation of network equipment in the two new network rooms (IDFs), and getting things cobbled together in the main network room (the MDF) in the old building. The MDF is in the demolition area and has seen a lot of dust, dirt, and abuse. Power for the MDF got cut last month when the demo crews wiped out all of the electrical conduits on the floor below. We've been running on a single orange extension cord ever since. (Despite repeatedly raising the issue with the construction managers, the electrical contractor has not yet been instructed to put some freakin' power back! We are promised action RSN.)

I'll probably be back at Burr tomorrow helping wrap up work in the MDF. I told Kevin as we were driving to the school that "if this entire two weeks of installs went by and I was stuck in the office pushing paper the whole time, I was going to have a major spiritual crisis." The spiritual crisis has been averted.

For your viewing pleasure, some photos from the day.

Our bulging store room

Just look at those lovely patch cable colors!
One of the spiffy new IDFs at Burr

Notice the brick just on the ATM switch (upper right)
Kevin working in the Burr MDF, a.k.a. downtown Baghdad

Hello!  This is a west facing window and it's thunderstorm season!
Every network room needs open air cooling - check out the great plastic drapes!

Mark my unindicted co-conspirator


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