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I have just spent the past three and a half hours doing the construction project equivalent of 'Bill Of Materials' (BOM) origami. I have to generate a number for each of the six going school construction projects for tomorrow. The number will be the cost of all technology pieces for each of the schools — PCs, printers, switches, phones, etc. I got HPHS done at work, and Burr, Rawson, Naylor, Webster, and Classical Magnet done once I got home.

Tomorrow I hand the numbers over to the construction management staff. On Monday they will go before the Hartford School Building Commission (HSBC) and — hopefully — win their approval to go ahead with the purchases. From there it's get a pile if POs, buy the gear, and try to get it all installed by the last week of August. Simple, no?

What makes this extra fun is that three of the schools (HPHS, Burr and Rawson) have E-Rate funds. We applied for these funds in January of '04 — in the past twenty months products have changed and the projects have changed. So, it's been this multi-variable sifting getting the BOMs we submitted to the Feds to line up with the BOMs for what we need now, and shaking out the differences. I have a little more to do tomorrow, but I am fundamentally done.

Now that I have completed this task, I think that I can see through space and time.

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