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Peeping over the back yard fence

There's this girl. I think that she's in her twenties. She lives in Russia, she's a photographer and a LiveJournal user (lliquida). Lliquida writes 95% of her posts in Russian, with a scattering of English. She periodically posts links to trance/dub/electronica MP3. It's been so long that I've forgotten how it was that I found her. Yet, I keep going back.

Her pictures are not overstated; they're artful, and perhaps because I can't read the words that go with them, entrancing. ...A window into another world. And, necessarily, a closed window. I periodically look at the journals of friends-of-my-friends, but this has a categorically different feel. There's an element of voyeurism, an element of art, and an element of news.

I don't have anything profound to say about this, just an observation that Lliquida exists. Perhaps it marks me as a creature from the early days of the Internet that peering into a strangers public journal still feels a little like peeking through the fence into their back yard.

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