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A wet Friday's musings

Friday, finally. So, why is it that short weeks always feel so long? Hmm, long is actually the wrong adjective. Compressed perhaps. No, overstuffed.

The Server that Did Not Want to Be is now behaving and happily soaking up firewall logs. Rick, the regional SE from the vendor will be out Monday next to help me whip the logging into shape (and get our real licenses installed before the 21-day trial expires).

• I had my annual review with the boss this morning. He evidently likes what I'm doing and wants me to keep doing it. I guess it's a case of being my own harshest critic: I see all the things that slipped through the cracks, he sees mountains that got moved.

Reviews are an odd thing; until you've been with the school system long enough to qualify for a longevity bonus, the review is pass/fail. Anything from "meets minimum requirements" to "outstanding" gets you your annual step increase. Only an "inadequate" will keep you from getting a raise. The longevity bonus is pegged to your actual rating, but it's a pittance anyway. From an organizational perspective, the whole process could be boiled down to a form that looks like this:

Annual Review

Eployee name                    
Eployee ID no.                    

Check one:

I'm not even going to get into the situation on the City side of the shop. Back a couple of years, when the Operations Division reported to me, I had staff who had not had a performance review since I was in grade school. City staff get reviewed exactly once: when you decide that they have satisfied their initial probation. You fill out a review form to make them a permanent employee and that's it. They're yours until death do you part.

Any way, next week I'll be giving my one school employee his official annual review and my on City employee his "informal performance appraisal." We wouldn't want to get the City union all in a lather or anything.

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