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Sometimes they just fight you...

Today was the day of the server that did not want to be.

I needed a decent sized server with a gig of RAM to run the logging/reporting software for our new firewalls. Mark-my-unindicted-co-conspirator set me up with one of our spare Dell PIII servers. I wheeled the beast into my office, where it promptly hung on startup. Crashed, threw some disk errors, hung again. I pulled the extra memory out of it (down to 512MB) and had the same lack of luck. You're out!

I had another PIII server that had been running as a Linux Squid proxy-cache but was sitting idle, so I dumped the gig of DIMMs into it, moved the RAID controller and disk drives over, and fired up the Windows 2000 Server install CD. The first part of the installation went fine, but then it wouldn't boot (Disk Read Error). I fiddled with the RAID controller, re-ran the setup, and still no boot.

Next stop was the parts cabinet for a new RAID card. The replacement card recognized the pair of disks, but Windows wasn't happy (the dreaded Inaccessible Boot Device BSOD). So, I ran the installer again, and this time had a happy bootable server.

I completed the installation, let it reboot, and then couldn't sign on. C'mon! What now? I tried various mistyped combinations of our standard admin password ("I know I typed it right during the install!")... Finally it occurred to me to try typing the password with the Caps Lock on. Shazam! We're in. I reset the password to the right password, and then powered down the box and headed off to my last meeting.

Tomorrow: Service Pack 4 and a whole pile of patches. I might even get to load FortiReporter!

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