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Every once in a while...

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to write an email like this one. The recipient is my boss, the CIO. I cc'd all of the named parties. Hopefully, it speaks for itself.


Mike -

I wanted to give you an update on the current state of our asset inventory.

You may recall that Max and Carolyn spent long, hot days last summer inventorying elementary school sites, getting us out of the starting gate and catalogging some 1600+ items. All incoming new equipment is being inventoried on arrival. Starting this month, Pat and Shawn resumed our inventory field work. They started with a handful of elementary schools and then moved on to the high schools.

At present we have 2,115 assets in the database. Almost all of these items have barcode labels on them (some are too small to tag, but too expensive to skip -- these we hand write asset numbers on in permanent marker). With Mark's help the inventory database continues to improve in features and function. While our generic white labels are holding up reasonably well, I challenged Shawn to find a better label. He identified -- and we are now using -- a more durable weather-proof vinyl label with stronger adhesive to insure that our tagged assets stay tagged.

We still have some 58 sites to visit to complete the inventory. We have been to 48 sites to date. Some sites need to be revisited to be completed, accounting for the overlap in numbers. See below for both lists. Credit for our progress so far is due to Carolyn, Max, Pat, and Shawn for their dilligence in this picky, fussy, dirty, hot, painstaking work.

-- Stephen

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