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My evening's entertainment has so far consisted of wading through old invoices and my BCL (Budget Control Ledger) to piece together an account of what we've paid our ISP so far this year. When all is said and done, I should have the documentation I need to get a reimbursal from the Feds. Because it took so long to get our E-Rate funding commitments this year, we paid the full bill for Internet service. Now that we have funding, we're entitled to a reimbursal for the part that we paid that the Feds have now said they will cover. It's a real paperwork slog, but it will net $29,542.56 for the department.

As an aside, the BCL is an interesting window into the inner workings of our finance department. There are all sorts of mis-charges against the PO to our ISP followed up immediately by negatives that zeroed out the mistakes. All in all there are some $32,544 in errant charges and corrections against at $62,000 PO. I really don't envy the task of my counterpart who has to deal with reimbursals on our voluminous phone bills.

The rest of the night will be spent figuring out how the budget department should allocate my FY05-06 funds when they load them with the new year's money. At least, that is, until I can't take any more!

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