netcurmudgeon (netcurmudgeon) wrote,

In IT years I'm dead

An old friend and colleague of mine from Ensign Bickford sent me an email this morning. He still works for what's left of the company (Ensign Bickford Aerospace & Defense ... Dyno Nobel owns the rest now.)

Any way, the email was titled "end of an era" and had this picture attached.

Shiva LANrovers

Those are a pair of Shiva LanRover/8Es he had just retired from service. The LanRover was an early dialup remote access box, forerunner of the modern VPN. The /8E designation indicates a LANrover with 8 serial ports and Ethernet (vs. Token Ring).

I installed those LANrovers. In 1993. Do the math.

I have been doing this for a long, long time.
Tags: age, ensign bickford, old hoss, old tech, shiva

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