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Getting back into the old gig

My process of getting my head back into my old job took a couple steps forward today. I finally picked up the stack of telecom bills that had been growing on my visitor's chair, started sorting them and then sorting out the online access accounts for the bills that no longer show up in dead tree format. And, this afternoon, I got to drag two pallets of new network gear up the parking garage ramp and into the building because <insert strong feeling of deja vu here> some idiot in the 1960s thought that 12' was an adequate height for a loading dock door. Not so much - most trucks are 12' 6" to 14'. The driver unloaded the two skids on the sidewalk and one of my guys helped me roll them in (pallet jack - best investment ever). And so it goes. :-)
Tags: deja vu, pallets, work

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