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Now from the "I can't catch a break" department...

i have a cold. ; It's day two, which for me us usually the worst day, so it should starting to get better tomorrow... But that's not what I am referring to.

No, I am referring to the ant.  The ant that apparently decided to clamber up the side of my glass while I was not looking and go for a swim.  Ant a la CocaCola.  Again, while looking at something else, I took a swig.  I could feel the ant swimming in my mouth!.  I promptly spat out ant and soda (grumble grumble must clean rug).

To top it off, I'm pretty sure the little fucker bit my tongue!  Part of my tongue is sore, slightly swollen, and is giving me a weird taste in my mouth.

Can I just say YUCK!
Tags: ant, can't catch a break, sick

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