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Man, I just don't like bare grounds...

The great generator project marches on. Wednesday afternoon I ran the first real test of the generator -- plugged into the house, transfer switch thrown, and live loads ON.

It went pretty well. I may need to do some re-balancing in the generator sub-panel; one leg was pulling 9.5 Amps while the other was only pulling 5. OTOH, the leg running at 5 Amps also has the furnace on it, and that was not running.

I learned something interesting. I was checking the generator out prior to putting real loads on it, and I noticed that it was producing AC at 62 Hz, not 60 Hz. Turns out that many generator manufacturers tune their generators to run at 3720 RPM (62 Hz) with no load. When you load the generator up, it should settle down to a proper 60 Hz.
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