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Progress, progress...

Our Labor Day weekend near-miss with hurricane Earl has finally got me moving on something that has been on my to-do list ever since we bought the new place: get a generator, and get the well, the furnace, the fridge, and some other critical things wired to run off the generator in the event of a blackout.

I remember the Great Ice Storm of 1974 and hurricane Gloria in 1983 ... a week without power is just painful.

The generator arrived today, some assembly required. My good friend John gave me a hand getting the wheels on:

Work inside on the transfer switch and sub-panel for the generator loads continues. I now have the basement lights, outside lights, servers and kitchen moved over from the main panel to the generator panel.

Tomorrow we'll pause on the Great Generator Project and spend the day putting in a new post light in the front yard. Film at 11.
Tags: backhoe, electricity, generator, shipman's gentle movers

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