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This has been a vacation week for Asha and me. She's done with classes (and her Masters!), and I took the week off. So, you'd think that we'd go somewhere peaceful or picturesque, right? No, we did demolition!

At the end of the first day

At the end of the third day

Shedwrecking. Lemme tell you, the sawzall and the electric chainsaw are two of the finest implements ever invented by man. I had guestimated that it would take two days to demolish this old, ant-ridden, falling-down-as-we-looked-at-it shed. It took three days, with a couple of hours this morning to take a last load to bulky waste, a trip to the transfer station with scrap metal and some bagged debris, and a ride to my sister in-law's house with some salvaged 2x6s and 2x12s.

Knocking down walls gives a very visceral pleasure. I highly recommend it for anyone with a stressful life. Grab a sledge hammer and your safety glasses and start swinging!

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