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...Passing days

The first day of Evony withdrawal was I miss the action.

The second day of Evony withdrawal was I don't know what else to do.

But, the third day of Evony withdrawal was oh thank God I'm not farming!.

Farming is the term in Evony for raiding NPC cities for resources -- primarily food -- in order to build and maintain one's army. When I had armies of a million or more men, I was farming between 56 and 72 Level 5 NPCs per day (two cities with nine "farming teams" apiece; each hitting 18 cities in the morning, and again in the evening). It was monotonous, repetitive, boring work. And, if I pushed my army into larger numbers, I would have to do more and more of it. One player in our alliance -- with 9 cities -- was fielding 81 farming raids at a time. Not fun. Ultimately, a big part of the "too much time" for "not enough fun" equation.
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