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What were they tinking?

From the Rhetorical Questions Desk here at the House of Hum

As part of the CIO's everyone must be Mac friendly push, I now have a new MacBook -- the all white plastic model, not the spiffy machined aluminum job. It's a speedy enough machine, with a nice display. OS/X is, just another UNIX with pretty GUI on top. But the keyboard ... ugh. And the track pad...?

Apple has taken their "fewer controls are better" approach one step further -- there is no button. None. The whole track pad is the button. Of course, the OS is rife with instances where a right-click is required. So, Apple wants you to use two fingers on the pad ... to emulate a right-click. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? It's a nice machine, with a nice OS, whose usability is totally hamstrung by an asinine pointing device.

I am deeply amused by the fact that I get the best results from this machine when I plug in my USB optical mouse ... made by Microsoft.


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Mar. 14th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
Personally, I find "tap to click" to be one of the most annoying UI features ever invented. Random touches on the laptop should not execute whatever the mouse happened to be over. It's the first thing I turn off.

And yes, unless I'm just pulling out the laptop to check something really quick, I always have a USB mouse plugged into it. I see the touchpad and the nipple mouse as equally bad solutions. Back in the 486 era, some folks were using little mini-trackballs, which I kind of liked, but even that isn't a substitute for a real three-button mouse.
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